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Best Free performance profiling tools for .NET

Free Performance Profiling Tools For .NET

Sluggish and unresponsive software applications can cause huge revenue losses and are enough to spoil the reputation of the provider no matter how better you have designed and coded.It is mandatory to optimize the code on various matters like Performance and memory issues.Without a proper profiling tool this will be very hectic and non reliable to fine tune your code for performance.

There are lots of commercial tools available which provides advanced profiling provisions.But in many occasions you can manage your code profiling by the use of one available best free tools.Listing here some of the best tools available today.

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EQATEC Profiler

If you are specific of making your application run faster then EQATEC profiler is a good choice for you.
This code profiler can be used for application developed in .NET 2.0 or later versions.Basic version is available free of cost and more detailed advanced versions available with paid license.It also supports WPF applications,Silverlight application,.NET Compact Framework and Window phone 7 applications.This is not a memory profiler tool for tracking objects and memory.

This tool can be downloaded from  EQATEC Profiler


This is another  free open source profiling tool especially for .NET application development. This is in its early beta version but capable enough to do even remote profiling, real time results and multiple plugin-based visualizations.

More deetails and Download of the tool is available in  Slim Tune

AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer

One more free profiling tool helps software developers to improve the performance of various types of applications specially for games and media based applications.This tool is developed by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc which on systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 in AMD64 architectures as well as x86. Mainly developed for optimizing multithreaded executing applications on AMD chipsets.

This tool Can also be used with Visual Studio 2003 through 2010.

It Supports to profile code written in Java,.NET, C/C++ and  Fortran.

More details and download can be seen at  AMD Code Analyst

CLR Profiler

This is a free memory profiler for .NET. CLR profiler Supports .NET Framework versions 2.0 and 3.5.This tools provides lots of useful views of memory allocation profile.

More details and download can be seen at  CLR Profiler

AQtime Standard

AQtime Standard is a free performance profiling tool for Windows 32 applications  developed in C/C++,Visual Basic,.NET,Java,Delphi ,Java Script,VB script etc.

AQtime Standard is an excellent code performance optimizations tool.It is also a good memory profiler tool to identify the memory leaks.Apart from that, this tool can be used to analyze code coverage and to trace out  run time exceptions in code.

More features,tutorials and download can be done from AQtime Standard


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