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Freelance Software Programmer

Freelancing always gives you the freedom to live as you like.You work for yourself and you earn for yourself.You can reap the full benefit of your hard work.

If you are more fond of family,hate to get up early,hate dressing formally, hate traveling in high traffic roads every day and always waiting for the weekends then freelancing is not at all a bad choice for you,provided you are well aware of the complexities involved in it.

After gaining sufficient experience and enough knowledge(at least you feel) on end to end software development process no harm in trying your luck as a freelance developer or consultant,if you desire so.The main attraction in software development freelancing is that there is no need for a big infrastructure set up.Your knowledge and skill sets are the great assets.Apart from that a good configuration computer with required softwares and a good internet connection is sufficient many a times to start as a freelance programmer.Of need to get some good assignment to start off.
Leaving your well salaried job for freedom without having any good freelance assignment in hand is not at all an idea, I believe.

Competition is very high here since there are experts from all parts of the world who can deliver the service in record time with unmatchable price.Still, If you have enough caliber and got that killer instinct, definitely you can make wonders as a freelancer.
Getting freelance assignments is not very easy.There are huge number of websites offering freelance jobs in various fields and technologies.See my post on some of the most attractive freelance job offering sites here.

Getting a reputation is freelance world is not at all easy.But once you get that reputation and understood the tactics no one can stop you and sky is your limit.

Also corporate trainer for programming languages and other software technologies are one other best freelancing option where you can make better career with great freedom.

The income varies according to your capability,popularity and the technology stack in hand. After all,grasping new technologies is not something extra ordinary.But imparting the gained knowledge to others and answering the complicated queries from expert professionals will definitely give you an edge to walk ahead of technology.
Even though it sounds little tough, If there is a will always there is a way. . . .

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