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Who Is A Software Engineer?


One of most sought after career options for an engineering graduate currently is software engineer. Various reasons behind this career choice. Some guys are really passionate about programming. Some of them look  at this as a best career option which gives best remuneration and global exposure.

Whatever may be the reasons, Information technology is definitely one of the brightest career options currently available in the world for people having good analytical, logical and mathematical problem solving skills.

Opportunities are various and you can even choose it as a freelancing career, provided you have enough capability to meet the end to end role.

Even though the preference is always given to engineering graduates or other computer application degree holders, if the person has enough interest and skills to demonstrate his passion and skills towards computer programming, qualification will definitely take a side seat. There are many companies who prefer specific knowledge expertise to a general basic qualification.

Having said that,there are some very valuable productive contributions expected from each and every software engineer even during the initial days of his career just out of college.

So it is necessary to know the range of responsibilities you as a software engineer going to bear,before starting your first job. Let me delve deep in to that…

Being a software engineer doesn’t mean that you will only be coding/programming throughout your day, week or month. There are various other things which comes in to picture when realizing a business concept in to a software system. You need to be part of it directly or indirectly at various stages.

Core expectations from software engineers 

The mentioned responsibilities are not carried out by a single individual.But over the period of time, you as a
software engineer will defenitely going to do all these activities one day or the other.
  •  Expertise in his core programming language and dependent tools
  •  A good understanding of full software development life cycle
  • Requirement understanding, modeling and designing of the software system
  •   Experience of working on unified modelling language
  • Documenting the requirements and implementation artifacts
  • Coding and debugging applications in different software languages.
  • Unit testing and validations 
  • Performance and memory profiling for code optimization
  • Executing functional testing
  • Doing document reviews and code reviews
  • Database development and management
  • Configuration management  
  • Build management  
  • Quality Control activities and software development processes
  • Existing Code Analysis ,maintenance(bug fixing) and enhancements 


Apart from the above mentioned technical responsibilities it is always mandatory to have the following capabilities to be successful in the long run

  • First and foremost, convincing communication skills 
  • Quick learner of new technologies 
  • A good trainer 
  • A good team player and a self-starter at the same time 
  • Impressive presentation skills
  • Time management skills
  • High determination, great enthusiasm and positive attitude
  • Adaptability to various pressure situations and deadlines 

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