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Share Web Page On Facebook

Sharing web pages which are not having facebook share buttons in the page is very easy in firefox and google chrome. Add Share on Facebook button in your web browser's Bookmark bar in simple steps and start sharing your favourite web pages to your friends.

It is very easy to quickly share your favorite web pages and videos with your friends over Facebook.It doesn't matter the web page has a Facebook share button or not.You can share any web page by following the below steps from outside Facebook.

  • Log in to your Facebook account through which you want to share the web page.Keep the page open.
  • Go to the link which will open up as below.The instructions are very clearly mentioned in the page.

  • Drag the button Share on Facebook to the Bookmarks tool bar of your web browser(Mozilla Firefox /Google Chrome) or "Add To Favorite" in Internet Explorer (higher versions). Now you can see Share on Facebook item in the bookmark bar of your browser.This will stay there.

In bookmarks tool bar


 Also you can drag and drop to Bookmarks menu of the browser.

Under Bookmarks menu.


  • Now, Open the web page you want to share in the same browser where you added the Share on Facebook button. Mandatory to keep your Facebook account open.If not,it will prompt you to log in to Facebook.
  • Go to Bookmarks bar and click on Share on Facebook button.this will prompt the Facebook share window.Give your comments if you wish.
  • Click on Share Link button.That's all.

This option will be very helpful in situations when you want to share interesting contents like news,videos etc. but the content provider has not given a Facebook share button.

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