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Microsoft Windows Phone eBooks Free Download,Windows Metro Application Free eBooks

Are you looking for some great books for learning various latest microsoft technologies.Before ordering some costly books and waiting for the shipment just have a look in the links mentioning here.I believe this will defenitely be a grat feast for you.Great free eBooks on various microsoft topics.

While searching for the availability of some eBooks on microsoft technologies like Windows 8 Apps, Windows Metro application,Windows Mobile etc I came across some really excellent collection at msdn blog.

See the post of Dr. Doris Chen's on msdn blog displaying some excellent collection of free eBooks on topics like Windows 8 Apps & Windows Mobile application here. This is really great collection and  free download.

You can see an excellent effort from Eric Ligman (Microsoft MSFT, Partner) to present you with big collection of the Best  Free Microsoft eBooks on Visual Studio, Windows 8 ,Windows Phone, Office 2010, Office 365, SQL Server 2012, Windows Azure, SharePoint and much more.Have a look at  this free collection, why to check in Amazon?

One more great effort made by Eric Ligman to post another extended collection of good free eBooks on Windows Phone 7.5,Cloud Azure and Lot many.

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