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Menubar in Windows Explorer In Windows 7

 In XP we have the menu bar visible by default in windows explorer which is having options like Fle,Edit,View etc.

Windows XP menubar for windows Explorer

If you recently upgraded your windows OS from xp/vista to windows 7 it will be somewhat uncomfortable to use windows explorer initially.One major difference is about the navigation.First place, you find it difficult to see the menu bar as like in xp/vista.By default menu bar is made intentionally invisible in windows 7.

Windows 7 menubar for windows Explorer

The functions of old menu bar are organized at diffrent places in windows 7. But if you are more particular of seeing an xp like menu bar in windows 7 it is quite easy to get it back.

  • Press Alt key.

But this is not set time you open explorer it will again be invisible.

Permanent solution is to do the layout settings for menu bar. For that,

  • Go to Organize  >> LayOut  >> Check the menubar item

Windows 7 menubar for windows Explorer

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