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Best Free Software Bug Tracking Tools

Problem report management or bug tracking or issue tracking is an inevitable part of software development life cycle.Not only in software,issue tracking is very useful and demanded in other different kinds of customer support scenarios also to have a better tracking and management.

Lots of commercial tools are available which make this process extremely simplified.But if you are a freelancer or owning a small software development shop then buying this highly priced tools don't make great sense.In such cases you don't need to depend on excel sheets or other similar ways to track your issues and activities inefficiently. There are some excellent bug tracking tools available for you to download and use freely and most of them are open-source.In this article I will list out some of them which I am aware of.


Bugzilla is the well known open source bug tracking tool used extensively by small,medium and large projects.This is a well maintained and supported bug tracing tool which is used by really big software systems like Apache development team,Linux kernel development team, etc. There are many other big organizations using Bugzilla for defect tracking.

Bugzilla is developed in Perl. Bugzilla ha support to works on various databases.


BugTracker.NET is a web-based Open source bug tracker tool which is absolutely  free. This tool is written in  ASP.NET with C# code behind.Microsoft SQL Server is used as the back end data base.


BugNET is another free open source bug tracking tool built in  ASP.NET. This tool can also be used for other Project issue management and customer supporting features.Its extensive reporting feature and mail notification facilities makes it a best choice for small,medium and even large sized projects.


MantisBT is another popular free open source bug tracking system.Mantis  is developed in PHP with support for databases including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and more. Mantis claims that most of the web servers can act as a client.


Trac is a web-based free issue tracking system developed by the open source developer community Trac is developed in python and provides an integrated Wiki, an interface to version control systems.

Request Tracker

RequestTracker is a web based issue tracking system best suited  for small team projects. It contains only essential fetures. Request Tracker is developed in Perl and runs on Apache and lighthttpd servers.It works with databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Lite.


Issue Tracker Website

This is a very basic web based problem report management application with multi database support (Access and SQL Server)


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Pretty good post. really thanks for making us aware regarding to the free open source bug tracking software it will really help us a lot..Also here i suggest:


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The first thing customers have to do is to come up with a precise list of their organizational needs and which software will fits in that. Definitely your list will help them. Thanks for sharing.


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