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9 Essential Tips For Learning A New Language

Learning a languages other than your mother tongue is inevitable at some point in life.Especially,at this time of globalization many desires to learn at least English language other than their native language.This articles 9 Essential techniques to learn a new language explains some efficient techniques to make your language learning faster and easier.

Learning a languages other than your mother tongue is inevitable at some point in life.Especially, at this time of globalization many desires to learn at least English language other than their native language.In this article 9 Essential techniques for learning a new language I am explaining some efficient techniques to make your language learning faster and effective.Even though my stress is on English here, this applies to any language learning.

1. Avoid Too much grammar cautiousness

Don't focus too much on grammar correctness. Too much grammar cautiousness will effect confidence level and block you from speaking out.Also it is not possible to learn each and every minute things in grammar.Even native language speakers are aware of only 50% grammar or even less of their language. Speaking is not all about 100% grammar correctness.

2. Understand The Tenses and its usage

Understanding of the very basic grammar, especially all form of 3 tenses (Present,Past,Future) and its correct usage is enough to an extent at the initial stage and rest can be improved slowly by time and practice.

Don't start speaking in the language if you are not ready with the basic tenses and minimum vocabulary. That will affect your confidence level and further let down. So take time out to make the foundation stronger first. 

3. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the most important asset, which you need to practice on a daily basis. Make it a practice to learn 5 new words every day and its proper usage. Start using the learned words as much possible in your daily life. This will do wonders for you, I guarantee.

4. Accent

Very essential. While learning the new words it is mandatory to learn the correct accent(pronunciation) of the word. No matter how good is your vocabulary and grammar a bad accent will keep you down always and project a different image. There are lots of dictionaries available in internet with audio. Go and get one. Word Web is one of them.

5. Reading

Regular loud reading is a must if you want to better in English. English daily news papers, internet articles,blogs,books especially drama(which are having lots of conversations) and novels Will help a lot in this regard. Also reading and understanding poems/song lyrics will do wonders in long run.

6. Media

Watching respective language Movies and listening songs will be very beneficial for any language learning. During initial stage it might be boring. Don’t give up. Within short span of time you will get along well.

Watching debates, News etc in TV channels are a must. Try to note down the best points and wordings in conversations and start using it in your daily life.

7. Writing

Make it a practice to write about some topic in your own words regularly. Revisit the same, Correct the mistakes and better your write up. Increase the content size day by day. Try to use learned new words in your writing. Use modern language usages as much as possible. Notice your improvement as days goes on and appreciate yourself.

8. Practice

If you decided to learn any language it is essential to speak in that language, if possible think also in that language. Don’t worry about mistakes keep talking as much as possible in that language. Don’t miss the chance if you know the other one is poorer than you(in that language).Practice only will make you better. Read and practice various different situation based conversation techniques.

9. Learning Partner

Necessary to have companion to learn any language. Learning together with two or more people will give you more opportunity to speak up and discuss. Find out a companion similar to you and make your language learning a fun. This is very important and very powerful, believe me. 

These are the techniques I believe as some of the essential tips for learning any new language.If you have much better approaches for self learning new language skills,share it in the comment box below. 

My next article in this Category is Essential Qualities for a successful software Engineer.Stay tuned..

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