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What Is PCDATA In XML (Parsed Character Data in XML) ?

XML parsers are used to parse XML files. All parser normally parse the data inside the XML tag elements also when the entire XML file is parsed.This parsing is needed since any XML element tag can contain other element tags also.

So PCDATA,the Parsed Character Data is nothing special.It is the normal data stored in any XML file that will be parsed by any XML parser. Simply put,PCDATA are data which are always recognized as markup.

See the XML below

<?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8" ?>




      <Office> 565-242-412</Office>

      <Mobile> 812768142 </Mobile>



In the above sample While Parsing the XML file <Employee>,<Phone>,<Office>,565-242-412,<Mobile> 812768142 etc. will be parsed.That is,not only the element tags,the data inside it also will get parsed.

CDATA (UnParsed Data) IN XML


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